Software Registration is no longer available, please visit Customer Dashboard
* On 1 March 2022, DLK Management (ManualDLK) will not be available any longer. Please contact your Milestone Partner to upgrade.
* On 1 March 2022, MIP Management will be found under My Milestone.

Software Registration and Customer Dashboard access

To register your new software or to access the Milestone Customer Dashboard, you must log in here.

Streamlining user access to all Milestone online applications

The Software Registration page is where users will be able to register any Software License Codes (SLCs) and access the Customer Dashboard.


Please refer to the software manual for your product (available from our Download area) for a detailed description of how the License Keys are used. If you experience any problems, your Milestone Partner will be able to help.

When registering your software, please be aware that the email address used is the email address to which the License Keys will be sent.